Kidney Transplant

What Are Your Transplant Options?

1. Living donor

(for kidney transplant patients only)

Living donor kidneys are excellent options for most patients awaiting a kidney transplant.  A related donor kidney comes from a close relative, such as a parent or sibling. These types of transplants tend to be better matches, which means less chance of rejection. A kidney donated from someone unrelated, such as a spouse of friend, is also an option and can decreases the waiting time.

2. Deceased donor and waiting list

Kidney transplant patients without the option of a living donor and all pancreas transplant patients may be able to receive a deceased donor kidney.  Generally, these patients will be placed on a waiting list.  While on the waiting list, patients will be required to continue with periodic visits to their SKI transplant physician, as well as complete scheduled tests, including blood samples.  Following through with all recommended testing and SKI physician visits is critical so that once an appropriate organ is available, the transplant process can proceed immediately.